What is web hosting, how many types and how it works

Friends, in this very special post today, we are going to talk about what is Web Hosting.

As I see a lot of people now want to start their own online business gradually. And in any online business, the website has a very important role.

And to make any website or blog, two things are required are Domain Name and Web Hosting.

What is DOMAIN NAME, why it is required and how many types is there – complete information

What is web hosting

When you create a blog, you need to store all its data (text, images, videos etc.) in a server. So that people can access it on the internet.

Web Hosting is a service that provides the facility of uploading data (text, images, videos etc.) of our website to the Internet.

For website hosting, we need a Powerful server which is connected to the Internet 24 * 7.

Now it is very difficult to maintain such a server on a personal level and it will be very costly as well, so almost all the people online who are web hosting providers, who have very powerful servers, technology and all the experts, who are all your time Ready to help. And we the people who make blogger or website buy web hosting from these companies according to the month or year plan.

Now though some web hosting companies are not as good but you have to choose it.

What are the types of web hosting

Well friends, there are many types of web hosting, but we will talk about the web hosting which is used the most, such as-

Shared Web Hosting

VPS (Virtual Private Server)

Dedicated Hosting

Cloud Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting

In Shared web hosting service, the data of thousands of websites is stored on a single server. That is why it has also been given the name of shared web hosting.

Now because many websites are connected to a single server, the cost of this type of hosting is low and this hosting is better for those who have just started their new blog.

Because when you start a blog, your blog does not get much visitors and the data is not too much of your website, so there is not much load on shared web hosting and your website runs smoothly.

Benefits of Shared Web Hosting

1- It costs very little, so anyone can buy it.

2- It is very easy to setup this type of hosting, you can run it without knowing the technology.

3- The control panel of this type of web hosting is very user-friendly. Meaning that anyone can easily understand its function.

4- It is good for those who want to build a basic level website.

5- Getting shared hosting for any new blogger can be much better.
Disadvantages of Shared Web Hosting

1- Due to a lot of website data being on the same server, it can take time to load your website many times.

2- When more traffic starts coming to your blog or website, then the loading time of your blog in this type of hosting increases significantly.

3- Now because it is a little cheaper web hosting, you get limited resources access to it.

4- This hosting does not give too much security to your blog’s data.

5- It is generally seen that all the web hosting providers do not provide much support in this type of hosting plan.
VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

VPS, which we call Virutal Private Server, is that a very large server is divided into different parts and the data of another blog or website on the part where your blog or website’s data is stored. Cannot store, it is only your right.

For example: Like when you come from your village for a city job and live in a rented house, you must have seen that it is a very big house but there you live in one room where no one else Everyone can have their own room – they have their own room and if they pay their rent then the same VPS hosting is also there.

Benefits of VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

1- Now because you are not sharing this type of hosting with anyone, you have divided a very large server into different parts and you have bought one part, so you will get the best perfomance.

2- In this type of hosting, you get the complete control on your hosting.

3- The biggest thing is that the privacy and security of this type of hosting is very good.

4- Even if there is more traffic on your website and blog, even then this hosting gives you great support and it does not cost that much, anyone can buy it.

5- You can customize this type of hosting in your own way. It is quite flexible to use it.
Disadvantages of VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

First of all, no one can run it, for this you must have technical knowledge.
Dedicated Hosting

This type of hosting is best because the entire data of your website is stored on a seperate server.

For example: Just like you have bought a house, now you have complete control over it, similarly Dedicated Hosting takes place where the entire data is stored on your entire blog or website on a single server.

For those whose website gets a lot of traffic every day, this hosting is necessary for them because it costs a little more. Usually this type of hosting is used by big e-commerce websites Flipkart, amazon, snapdeal.

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

1- Most security, support and privacy is given in this hosting plan.

2- In this type of hosting, the client means that the person who maintains the blog or website has complete control.

3- In this type of hosting, you do not have to worry that if the traffic on my blog is high then the loading time of the blog does not increase.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Hosting

1- It is a bit expensive.

2- It is very important to have technical knowledge in it.
Cloud Web Hosting

In Cloud Webhosting, the data of your blog or website is not stored on any one server, rather the company from which you have taken hosting has many servers where the data of your blog is saved.

Meaning that in the rest of webhosting, the data of your blog is stored on a single server or small part of a big server.

Whereas in Cloud Webhosting, the data of your blog is stored on all the coffee servers and whenever a user searches your blog on the Internet, the information of your blog is shared with its nearest server.

Therefore Cloud Webhosting is considered very fast.

Benefits of Cloud Webhosting

1- There is very less chance of cloud webhosting server down because your blog is hosted by many servers.

2- Even if there is high traffic on your blog, even on cloud hosting, your blog is handled easily.

Disadvantages of Cloud Webhosting

1- If we talk about a draw back of cloud hosting, it is that it is a bit expensive.
How Web Hosting Works

Today, there are many companies that allow you to store the data of your website on your server. In return, they take money in a month or year according to the plan.

After uploading the complete data (text, images, vidoes etc) of the website to the server, anyone can view it at any time through the Internet by entering the web address ie Domain Name.

Now know what web hosting works in real – whenever a user comes to your website by putting a web address in their web browser, then that user’s computer connects to your hosting server from where you have taken web hosting. Now what that server does, whatever your data store is, it displays it in that user’s computer system. For this, it is necessary that both the user and the server have Internet facility.

Keep these things in mind before buying Web Hosting

Many new bloggers do not think much before buying web hosting, which causes them a lot of trouble later, so web hosting must take care of some special things before buying –

1 – Cost and customer support

First of all, you have to see whether web hosting is coming in your budget or not; Secondly, see how customer support service of the company that is providing web hosting gives quick response or not it is very important.

2 – Back-up / Security

The most important thing that you have to keep in mind while buying web hosting is how its Backup and security feature are these two things are very important for any blog. So keep them in mind,

Because sometimes you have to transfer the data of your blog, then it gets deleted by mistake, then do you have to see if you have a backup plan in your web hosting?

And nowadays, a lot of wrong things happen online, where your blog is also concerned about security, then it also depends on your web hosting, how they provide you security.

3 – Uptime and Downtime

Uptime and Downtime are also very important terms which you have to keep in mind while buying hosting. Because whenever a user visits your website, the sooner you see your blog post, the better it can get engaged with you.

4 – Reviews and Rating

A lot of people nowadays see their review and rating while purchasing something online, so you must also see a lot of articles or videos or customer reviews of companies that provide web hosting.

5 – SSL and Domain

There are many web hosting companies that provide SSL certificate and free domain for free, then it can be quite cheap for you, such as managed wordpress hosting of blue host.

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I sincerely hope that after reading my post, you must have understood what web hosting is, as well as how many types are there and how they work.

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