What is Domain Name and Why is it Important – Complete Information

What is Domain Name: When we think about making our own blog or website, we need that Domain Name first of all.

Now a lot of new people who come to the blogging or online fields do not know much about the domain, so in today’s post, we are going to tell you in detail about what is the Domain Name.

What is domain name?

Domain Name is the name of our website, which is basically an identity of our website like – www.salesdeal.co.in and it is also called web address, with the help of which Internet users can access our website. Are

The system from which your Domain Name is run is called DNS (Domain Name system) and in this entire system all the information related to your Domain Name is present. Such as the IP address of your website etc.

Why is Domain Name Important?

Now the point is, why do we need a domain? Can we not search our website on the Internet without a domain?

Friends, let me tell you that at the beginning – the web address i.e. www.salesdeal.co.in was not an IP address (Internet Protocol Address).

Now friends, if I tell you a little bit about the IP address, whatever is connected to the Internet, whether it is your computer or your website, all are connected to some IP address.

IP address is exactly the same way as your city has a PIN code number. Now it is a matter to understand that if I tell you the name of some cities but not only their pin code number, then remember them for you How difficult it will be.

And if I tell you the names of those cities directly, then you will not have any problem in remembering them.

So friends, instead of any IP address, his domain name is used.

With the help of this, you can remember the name of any website very easily and can easily search that website on the Internet.

But this does not mean that there is no work of IP address. Of course it is because whatever is your computer or everything that is connected to the internet, it cannot read any domain name but the same IP address. And it helps in this thing. DNS (Domain name service)

This is the work of DNS that whenever a user searches the name of your website on the Internet, it converts it to IP address and reaches the name server of your Domain Name.

Name servers are the same company from which you buy the domain, all the information about your domain is with these name servers.

How Domain Name Works

Whenever a user enters the URL of the domain name of your website on a web browser, DNS converts it to IP address and then sends the complete information to the Name Server and instructs the Name Server that from the website Access all related information to the user.
What are the types of Domain Name?

There are many types of domains, but today I will tell you about the domain names which are most popular and used –
1- Top Level Domains (TLD)

In 1985, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority released six Top Level Domains. They are also known by Domain name extensions, which you will see in the last of any domain after Dot, like – .com and .edu etc.

.com – Everyone commonly uses this domain name. This type of domain name is mainly used in making commercial websites.

.Net – This domain was created for those who provide internet service. Basically this domain name is used in the website of institutions related to networking.

.edu – These .edu are used to create the website of institutions related to education.

.gov – These Domain Names are used in making websites of government institutions.
2- Country code top-level domains (ccTLD)

These types of domains are kept according to a particular country. They are named according to the country two letter, ISO code such as –

.In: India

.US: United States

.br: Brazil

Things to keep in mind before buying Domain Name

Before taking the domain name, we should keep in mind the following things-

1- First of all, the name of the domain name you are taking should be such that it is easy to remember.

2- Try to keep the domain name as short as possible, because taking a longer name may cause your users to not remember that name.

3- Third, you have to keep your domain name a little unique so that the user can also be attracted towards your domain.

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